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about Orbita Harmony



Igor Mihajlović, 31

Zagreb based producer, musician and composer, Igor is dedicated to making your sounds feel and sound amazing. 

Igor's main instrument is violoncello, which you can hear in almost everything he creates, whether it's a heart-shaking melody, a mind-crushing distortion or spacey effects that send chills down your spine. 

As a member of several rock bands, Igor played drums and picked up the secrets of rock and pop arrangement along the way. Now, being a multi-instrumentalist, he can bring those secrets to life and make your tracks sound better while also being able to focus on each instrument individually and it's own voicing ability.

Technology and art, a marriage made in heaven. Igor holds a degree in audio technology from FER, a prestigious college in Zagreb.

Also, his music school degree makes it easier for him to talk to musicians and understand their needs, vocabulary and harmonic preferences. 

After all, it's all about the harmony, right?

Contact me and let's make those sounds in your head alive. 

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